Relax & Unwind Show Garden - Taunton Flower Show 2013
Relax & Unwind Show Garden – Taunton Flower Show 2013

Our Award Winning Show Gardens

We create award Winning Show Gardens at both RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Shows and other well know shows such as the Ideal Home Show and our local show, Taunton Flower Show. Wether it is a big national show or a local show the same level of care and attention goes into createing our show gardens.

Urban Sanctuary 2010 - BBC Gardeners World
Urban Sanctuary 2010 – BBC Gardeners World

How We Create Our Award Wining Show Gardens

Initially we come up with an idea for the garden whether it is based around; a sponsor for the garden, something we have thought would make a good show garden at some point or a theme.

Once we have an idea we set to work coming up with a design for the garden, this often starts on any piece of paper we have to hand at the time inspiration hits and then evolves over time to elaborate computer or hand drawn designs.

As we are putting together a design, we will also be contacting possible sponsors and contributors, putting together the entry paperwork for the show and drawing up a bill of quantities and schedule of works.

As soon as our place at the show has been accepted we begin pre building, we like to make sure that we make as much of the garden in advance as we can to ensure that everything runs smoothly once we get to site. We also often get some of the plants in at this point to grow them on especially if they need to be formed in any way.

As soon as build up begins we like to be on site, putting in long hours to get the garden in as quick as possible whilst ensuring that meticulous attention to detail is paid. We like to get the garden finished a couple of days before the show opens, so that the garden has a chance to settle in, this gives us a chance to spend a day or so tweaking and perfecting. However things don’t always go to plan, whether it is a delivery turning up late or constant rain for a week or any number of other things that can delay process. We will work what ever hours it takes to get the job done, even if it means working through the night using spot lights.

When the judges come round all we can do is sit and await there verdict and hope that we have created a garden that pleases them as much as it pleases us.

Once the show is open we man the garden, answering visitors questions and handing out promotional literature.

After the show comes the hard bit, taking all of our hard work down. Often we have a home for the garden lined up if not the garden will be available for sale during the show, if it still is not spoken for at the end of the show the components are stored for later use often as part of another show garden.

Future Show Gardens

Below are some of the upcoming show gardens we are involved in, either as a show garden we are designing and creating or we are building on a contract build basis.

Taunton Flower Show 2015

Past Show Gardens

Below are a list of some of the show gardens and show pieces we have been involved with in the past.

Rustic Charm – Taunton Flower Show 2014

Relax & Unwind – Taunton Flower Show 2013

Vintage Rock T – Gardeners World Live 2011

The Pad – The Ideal Home Show 2011

The Pad – Taunton Flower Show 2010

Urban Sanctuary – Gardeners World Live 2010

On Another Level – Gardeners World Live 2010

Somer Breeze – Taunton Flower Show 2009

Summer Breeze – Gardeners World Live 2009

Wisteria Festival Garden 2009

Relax & Unwind Show Garden - Taunton Flower Show 2013
Relax & Unwind Show Garden – Taunton Flower Show 2013