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A Circular Artificial Grass lawn Set In A Block Paver Circular Edging

No More Mowing …

No matter what you call it, whether it’s artificial grass, fake grass, artificial turf, synthetic grass, plastic grass or astro turf, artificial grass has come a long long way since the days of astro turf on the sports pitch. Instead of it being an un natural green colour and giving you grass burn at a passing glance, modern day synthetic grass is quiet the opposite, it is soft to touch, looks like real grass (Without the weeds) needs very little maintenance, pets love it and you wont get that bear muddy look in the winter if the lawn is heavily used as you would with real grass.

Going Artificial

There are loads of benefits of choosing artificial turf instead of a real turf:

– Synthetic grass can look so real the only thing that gives it away is the lack of weeds.

– No more mowing, feeding, watering or disposing of clippings.

– Children and pets can play on the lawn year round.

– Can be laid in the shade.

– WB Design & Construction can install artificial grass from as little as £30/sqm+VAT* on a solid suitable surface and as little as £37/sqm +VAT* in place of an existing lawn.

* These prices are based on the lower end of the artificial turf spectrum150m2 Terms & Conditions apply.

Typical Prices for small domestic lawns are £50 – £80/sqm + VAT

Get A Price

If you would like a price for your artificial grass project why not send us some details and will be happy to send you an estimate for your new lawn.

Send us as much information as you can, the more you give us the more accurate an estimate we can provide.

There are several ways you can get in touch, via our contact form, by sending an email to or by post: WB Design & Construction, County Court Chambers, Queen Street, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3DA

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Maintaining Your Artificial Lawn

Artificial grass in a domestic situation requires very little in the way of maintenance. Following the few points below will keep your synthetic grass looking at it’s best.

– Like with real grass, over time the blades (pile) on artificial turf when walked on or played on, will flatten slightly, the blades can be raised by giving the grass a brush with a stiff brush against the direction of the pile. This will also remove any light debris, eg. leaves keeping your grass clean.

– If anything sticky is spilt on the synthetic grass it can be washed off with warm soapy water.

– Removal of dog faeces and hosing down will prevent smells developing as a result o bacteria. Similarly it is advisable to hose down urine especially during dry periods to prevent a build up of smell.

– During installation WB Design & Construction uses high grade weed barrier underneath the artificial grass, making it almost impossible for any weeds to grow from underneath the grass. However, occasionally air borne seeds may become lodged in the surface and try to germinate. These can be easily picked out by hand. Also you can occasionally get weeds trying to grow along the border edges of the grass, these too can be easily picked out.

– Please never set off fireworks or drop hot coals on the synthetic grass as this will melt the grass.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Package

Treating your artificial grass to an occasional overhaul will keep it in top condition, it is advisable to carry this out annually to keep the artificial grass at its best.

WB Design & Construction’s package consists of:

– ‘Vacuuming’ the area to remove any light debris.

– A detailed check of the area will be carried out to, checking joins and edging detail.

– A vigorous brushing of the surface will be carried out to rejuvenate the surface.

– Sand infill levels will be checked and topped up where required.

– The surface will be treated with a moss and algae killer and antibacterial sanitiser, leaving the surface clean and safe.

Below is a list of costing for our artificial turf maintenance packages:

0-50 square meters – £150 +VAT
50-100 square meters – £200 +VAT
100-150 square meters – £250 +VAT